About me

I’m a research scientist at DeepMind where I work on sequential decision making problems and reinforcement learning. However I’ve been known to work on meta-learning, Bayesian optimization, and a whole host of other problems. Check out my recent publications if you’re interested to know more!

Previously, I was a postdoc working with Carl Rasmussen and Zoubin Ghahramani in the machine learning group at the University of Cambridge. And before that I was a graduate student in the CS department at UBC, supervised by Nando de Freitas and Arnaud Doucet. My research there focused on using inference-based approaches to solve problems in sequential decision making. I also wrote some software for Bayesian optimization that you might find useful.

In the far distant past I was an undergraduate in the CS and Math departments at the University of Washington. While there I worked with Rajesh Rao as part of the Neural Systems Group, and I focused primarily on problems of gaze-imitation and imitation-learning utilizing shared-attention.

Contact info

You can get ahold of me at either zubsszna@tznvy.pbz or at zjubsszna@tbbtyr.pbz.